Pole Classes

Chrome Spinners   (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Take your pole skills to the next level . . . on spin.  It's a whole new pole game requiring strength and grace. No worries, because GCS will teach you how to control that pole and become its master.


Chrome Star 101  (Level:  Beginner)

Find your body awakening as you get your first taste of Pole Dance. Explore your hidden naughtiness and free yourself as you begin your journey to pole-fection.

Contempflow  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Twirl and spin your way through pole choreography designed to tap into your creative side. Learn to extend your lines, point your toes, and gracefully express your movement through musicality.


Crunk Chrome  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Bounce in and get crunk with some old school tunes and represent the 90's and 2000's.  We'll have you spinnin,' poppin,' and trickin' so hard that you won't notice that bead of sweat rolling down your back from this wicked fun workout.


Exotic Pole  (Levels:  Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn a routine that combines complex base work, power spins, and captivating transitions.


Fab Over 40  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

If you’re in the Fab Over 40 club, this class is for you. Come have fun and learn an amazing pole dance routine taught by a Fab Over 40 club member. *Under 40 are welcome*


Flowstyle  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Flow freely as you explore your style and express your inner pole star.  Listen to your body . . . it will tell you what to do.  Our Chrome Crew will help you to get started and where you go  . . . pole or floor is up to you.  Find your freestyle!


Get Low   (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

How low can you go? This class is all about the base. Transition flawlessly from the lower third of the pole to the floor and back again with spins, tricks, and transitions. Take your creativity to a LOWER level.


Mile High Club  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Get UP!  Heights are your friend in the pole world.   Entrance and impress your audience with seamless combos in the air! *Must know how to climb.  Ability to invert not required*


Pole Cardio  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

In Pole Cardio, we will turn up the music and let loose while we perform basic spins, climbs, and transitions on the pole.  This class is for beginners to advanced. 


Pole Climbs & Conditioning  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

You love pole and think, "how will I ever be strong enough to do that?" Here is your chance! Through exercises on and off the pole, GCS will have you climbing, flipping and soaring in no time. You will discover how to use all of those beautiful muscles that you're creating to be your best.


Pole Recess  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Remember when learning was fun and recess was necessary?  Welcome to Pole Recess! Bring your tricks, spins, floor work, and the need to explore to this open pole experience.  We will have an instructor available in case you need tutoring.


Pole Seduction  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Welcome to Seduction, where the choreography is hot and the tunes are hotter. Channel your inner vixen and bring your sultriness to the stage.


Pole Splits  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

You've seen your favorite pole star doing pole splits and were awed.  It's ok; we all have been. You want those splits? Let's put in the work to get there. With a thorough warm-up, stretching and instruction, you will be wowing your audience with your vertical splits in no time.


Pop Your Pole Cherry  (Level:  Beginner)

Never tried a pole class? Come learn a fun, flirty routine filled with basic spins and floor work.


Rock The Chrome   (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Are you a rock goddess? Does a good rock song move you to the core?  If you love guitar riffs, heel clacks, and hair swings, this class is for you.


Slick Tricks & Combos   (Levels: Intermediate To Advanced)

Want to learn a cool trick or combo as seen on IG? This is the class for you.


Throwback  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Yo! This class is def!  Welcome to Throwback . . .a class dedicated to the good ol' days. Take your pole skills back in time!

Dance/Fitness Classes

All The Stands (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

With drills and proper conditioning exercises, learn how to do elbow stands, forearm, and handstands. Life is better upside down!

BootyCamp  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Booty, booty, booty!  Get your derriere nice and tight and ready for Sunday Bumday on the Gram with butt lifting, thigh toning exercises.

Chair Affair  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Lips, hips, and eyes . . . we all have them. Now, learn to use them to seduce your audience.  You will never look at a chair the same way as you learn to slay and leave your admirer begging for more. *heels optional*

Erotic Yoga  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Picture this: the lights are low, and the music is sultry while you explore your body through a series of sexy stretches, floorwork, and body rolls.

Face Down A$$ Up Floorwork  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

This flirty floor work class covers crawls, “spreadies”, slides, and rolls. We will show you how to incorporate all of the elements that you have learned into a seductive, fluid, and sexy floor work routine. *Students should wear leggings, over the knee socks or knee pads*

Flexibility  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Can’t do a split? This class is for you! Already can do a split? This class is for you! Tap into your flexibility or increase your flexibility with dynamic, static, and partner stretching.

Heelaholics   (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

This is a sexy, video vixen-ish dance class. Bring your heels and release your inhibitions! *heels optional*

Splits & Floor Tricks  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Sometimes you need a breather from all your jaw-dropping spins and tricks, or sometimes you just want to take it to the floor.  This class is for those who want to learn cool floor tricks and transitions.  We'll warm you up, stretch you out, and teach you some awesome stuff that will make your audience say, "damn, that was cool AF!"


Twerkercise  (All Levels:  Beginner to Advanced)

Twerking is cardio, come workout by getting your heart rate up and moving your backside down.

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