Q. Do I need to register in advance for classes, workshops and events?
A. Yes! Advanced registration is required for all GCS classes, workshops or events. Please login to the online registration system to sign up for classes.

Q. What is the Cancellation/Refund policy?
A. There are no refunds. You can cancel class up to six hours prior to class start time without class credit forfeiture.

Q. What should I wear/bring to class?
A. For pole classes: shorts or boy shorts, tank top or sports bra, heels, bare feet or socks (No lotion, oil, body butter, jewelry, especially rings). For dance/fitness class: shorts, legging, sweats, shirts/tanks, sneakers or socks. Please bring a yoga mat and bottled water. *mask required for 

in-studio classes*

Q. Minimum/Maximum age?
A. The minimum age is 18, there is no maximum age.

Q. Do I need a dance or gymnastics background?
A. Absolutely not! No dance experience is required. You do not need coordination or flexibility to take any of the classes, workshops or events.

Q. Should I lose weight before attempting to take a pole dance class?
A. Heck No! Come as you are! GCS classes, workshops and events are designed for everyone, no matter what shape and size. Classes are designed for men and women of all ages, sizes, shapes and levels.

Q. Do I need to wear high heels?
A. You are never required to wear high heels in any class. Bare feet or socks are totally acceptable.

Q. Can men sign up for classes, workshops and events?
A. Yes, GCS is a co-ed studio.

Q. Will I have my own pole in class? 

A.  Yes!  Only 5 students are allowed per in-studio class.  Please register early to secure your spot.  

Q. I don’t have anyone to take a pole class with; will I be okay coming to a class alone?
A. Absolutely! You will meet other class mates and will most likely develop new friendships.

Q. I purchased a groupon, how can I sign up for classes?
A. Create user account in our class registration portal. After you create an account, please email your name and Groupon voucher number to gina@georgiachromestar.com.

Have additional questions? Please call or text

(678) 401-6999 or email info@georgiachromestar.com

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